Regenerative Cellular Tissue aka Stem Cells Mount Vernon, WA

Regenerative Medicine with Stem Cells

is as natural and organic as medicine applied by man can achieve.

Joint Pain Mount Vernon, WAIn an age of artificial hips, artificial knees, artificial bones and expensive surgery that involves MUCH pain and long recovery times, we have people lined up to be next.
But there is a better, more holistic way to achieve better results for that hip, knee or vertebrae replacement or surgery that has been given as a verdict.

To understand our body’s repair system, let’s start at the beginning. Everyone starts life with their own repair toolbox called, “stem cells”. When you receive a cut, a broken bone, a bruise or injury of any kind, the stem cells that you were born with, rush to the injury to adapt to the kind of cells that were injured and replace them with new cells. We call the process, “Healing.” Healing is not instant, but it starts almost immediately after injury and continues until the area is completely restored. The amount of injury determines the amount of time to heal.

If your injury is degenerated joints, (Joints that have worn out) then we ask why didn’t the joints heal as they were being used?

The answer is all in the math.

When we are born, your body has a stem cell bank. During your life-time you make withdrawals because of injury, disease or a paper cut, broken bones, radiological or chemical exposure. You may be born with millions of stem cells in your stem cell bank at birth. These stem cells duplicate every month. However, as you get older the body duplicates less stem cells each month. As your body reaches age 55 you may only create as few as 200 stem cells a month. This reduction in production accelerates age, causing many age maladies. These stem cells help rejuvenate every organ including your skin every day of your life.

As you age your joints begin to wear, you will find that your stem cell bank is not replenishing as quick as your joints are wearing out.

Therefore, a surgeon will inform you that you need a hip replacement or knee replacement, When, in actually, you need a fresh new deposit of stem cells not in your stem cell bank but directly into the joints to rebuild worn cartilage and avoid surgery.
Stem cells from an umbilical cord called Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are available for your best regenerative medicine treatment.
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