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We are a family-run clinic and a beacon for health and wellness since our original opening in Mount Vernon in 1975. Dr. Steven Rindal, DC and daughter Dr. Tracy Rindal, DC specialize in treatment and recovery of injuries and degenerative conditions for people of all ages. Our purpose is to help as many people as we can live longer, healthier, pain free lives without the use of drugs or surgery.

If you or a loved one have chronic pain, involved in a car accident, injured playing sports or just looking to boost your overall health and wellness, call us today at (360) 424-1066 or fill out the form to schedule an appointment.

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    Our Specialized Injury & Pain Treatment Options

    Have you suffered an injury or have chronic, degenerative back issues? We provide natural treatment options for fast and effective upper and lower back pain relief to help you get back to enjoying an active lifestyle.

    No matter what is causing your neck pain, we will provide a full spectrum of natural chiropractic treatments to relieve stress on the bones, muscles and nerves in your neck, often resulting in immediate pain relief.

    Have you recently been injured in an auto accident? Whether your injury is the result of a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, we can help. From minor to debilitating injuries, we provide pain relief to get you back on track.

    We treat patients who’ve been injured on the job for a variety of conditions. If you suffered a work related injury, we will discuss the different treatments available that will help return your body’s proper function and mobility.

    Do you have tingling, numbness, or weakness in the hands, feet, arms, or legs? Our staff is trained in the latest non-surgical procedures to treat nerve damage and provide neuropathy pain relief with long-lasting results.

    Are you looking for effective, long lasting, non-surgical treatment to get rid of your joint pain? We provide relief for common joint issues like ligament tears, torn labrum, damaged cartilage, osteoarthritis and tendonitis.

    Are you suffering from knee pain that’s been causing long-term swelling or sensitivity? We provide treatments to help you heal from tendonitis, osteoarthritis, torn meniscus, ACL tears, muscle strains and more!

    Our doctors offer the most advanced therapies available for treating sports injuries. Whether your injury is minor or severe, chronic or acute, we will design a treatment plan to help your injury to heal as rapidly as possible.

    There’s No Reason To Live With Pain!
    Our natural treatments provide effective and long lasting pain relief
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    Our policy is to never let money be a barrier between someone getting the care they want and need.

    Chiropractic Medical Clinic

    Chiropractic Clinic Mount Vernon, WA

    Chiropractic Care

    Many people know that chiropractic care is great for back pain, auto injuries, neck pain, and headaches, but you might not know that it can help you improve your general health and wellness. People that receive regular care from our chiropractors experience other benefits that include improved joint mobility, a better range of motion, improved sleep, greater productivity at work and a better overall quality of life.

    If you are looking for drug-free treatment of any painful condition, visiting our chiropractic clinic will allow you to finally get the results you’ve been looking for and get you back to feeling great again! Call us at (360) 424-1066 to schedule an appointment.

    Natural Pain Relief

    Natural pain relief is at the core of all of the treatments we provide at our chiropractic clinic. We will never suggest invasive surgery or prescribe pain medication to cover up your symptoms. When we assess your condition, we will always recommend a treatment that addresses the underlying cause of the pain, and not just the pain itself.

    If you are suffering from chronic pain and have tried a variety of different treatments with no results, Call us at (360) 424-1066 to schedule an appointment. We will come up with a non-invasive, customized treatment program to relieve your pain and finally get you on the road to recovery.

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    Regenerative Medicine

    Regenerative medicine deals with the process of restoring the normal function of the body by replacing, engineering or re-engineering human cells, tissues or organs. This is accomplished by introducing new, young, healthy cells into your body. This cutting-edge treatment can help regenerate cartilage, tissue, bone and cells offering long-term relief from knee pain, joint pain, plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, as well as muscle, tendon, and ligament damage.

    Our clinic offers the two most popular regenerative treatments: cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma. These out-patient therapies are completely safe, minimally invasive and requires no down time with no adverse reactions. To find out if you might be a candidate for regenerative medicine, Call us at (360) 424-1066 to schedule a no-obligation complimentary consultation.