We value our customers' experience at Rindal Clinic.

Below are some patient testimonials we wanted to share.

Shaulauna S.

Dr. Rindal is amazing! My lower back had very bad pain and he was able to make it go away. They are always so nice here and make sure you are very well taken care of.

Gloria C.

Tracy is super thorough. Really great experience going to Rindall Chiropractor. I’ve never needed to use chiropractic services so I was skeptical about seeing one but she turned what could’ve possibly been a negative experience into a positive one. Thanks Tracy!

Alexander S.

I traveled to the other side of the United States for one of the best adjustments from a phenomenal Gonstead doctor! Dr. Rindal’s mastering of the adjustment makes me want to strive to be a better Chiropractor!!! Mount Vernon is lucky to have you and I am most fortunate to know you as well. As always Dr. Rindal, thank you for your amazingly smooth adjustments!

Paul F.

There is a reason Dr. Steve Rindal is the number one Gonstead Chiropractor in the USA.

I call him the miracle man. He was able to end the pain in my lower back. The pain in my shoulder and numbness down to my hand.He did it in a few short visits.

If you want your pain to go away call Dr. Steve Rindal and make a appointment. You will discover why I call him the miracle man.

Kara J.

I have been taking my mom there for over a month after her throwing out her back. I can tell you we have been treated so well. The extra attention that has been given to us is so rare today. The financial gal has explained the insurance to my mom, doctor Rindal himself has met us there on weekends for extra care, and the cleanliness that all the staff has shown during this pandemic is remarkable! I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone in need of chiropractic services.

Ryan H.

Nothing short of amazing the work that dr rindal performs. I keep myself in good shape but work two very demanding jobs and couldn’t do it without dr rindal. Thank you so much for being so great.

Chene K.

Very personalized experience. Every appointment is hands on and detailed to current pains. Definite WIN!

Michael B.

Excellent care in a very professional environment.

Sydhir D.

A truly exceptional chiropractic experience.