Regenerative Medicine using stem cell therapy is a combination of research that includes tissue engineering and molecular biology for the purpose of replacing or regenerating damaged human cells and organs, restoring them to normal function.

Causes and Symptoms of Fibromyalgia Bellingham, WADamaged or diseased cells benefit by using stem cell therapy. This unique therapy helps to stimulate the body’s innate healing ability to treat a wide range of ailments including vascular disease, cardio & neurological disorders,  wounds and joint diseases.

Regenerative medicine is being defined as the vanguard or next evolution of medical treatments.

An overview of the process is diagnosis, implantation, and regrowth of natural cells, tissues or organs that are in need of repair. This is a noninvasive procedure that overrides the need for surgery.

Regenerative medicine includes stem cell therapy where the administration of live stem cells in the patient’s joints or tissue, proceeds to repair and replace the damaged area where the cells are placed.

Utilizing regenerative medicine has proven to have many profound benefits for athletes, weekend warriors, injured workers, and retirees.

Our bodies start at birth with a prolific amount of stem cells that are renewed every month. As we age, the reproduction of stem cells, that are responsible for all healing in our body, diminish. After age 80, the reproduction count of stem cells can be as low as 200, in our entire body, that are responsible for all healing. Therefore, as we age and our joints begin to wear we do not have the ability to heal the joints as we had all through our life. The aging process is accelerated. The aches and pains are magnified and our mobility becomes very limited.

These young stem cells have the ability to adapt to the correct blood type and the correct cell type for the diseased tissue or joint injured.

In North America, regenerative medicine is focused on musculoskeletal disorders, orthopedic diseases that has shown to prevent surgery such as hip, knee and shoulder surgeries. While intravenous applications are still not allowed, platelet rich plasma, (PRP) combined with stem cells can be legally applied for various musculoskeletal disorders.

The source of the stem cells are from ethically and legally collected umbilical cords from healthy “C” section births.

Our mission is to provide our patients access to healthcare that will allow them to live a better quality of life without surgery and drugs.

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